expertise matters

14 years of work in software development
has taught us a few important things:

It only makes sense to write the code
which creates business value

It is essential to think about software
scalability at the very start of a project

You can only create the right functionality
if you understand the business of the customer

Areas of our strongest expertise

Healthcare and Medicine

  • HL7 standard integration
  • DICOM image exchange and visualization
  • Medical data Import/export to/from storage systems like PACS, SAN, NAS, etc..
  • Registration and processing of medical information from
  • Pacemakers, ICD and ICM devices
  • Patient data export and transfer
  • Medical registries support (NICOR/Dutch)
  • Medical software for tablets and smartphones

Vacation Rentals

  • Import/export of property data between the websites
  • Integrations with biggest VR market players’ APIs ( HOMEAWAY.COM, BOOKING.COM, VRBO.COM etc)
  • Synchronization of reservations between property listings websites
  • Channel management solutions
  • Various charging schemes: initial and final payments, deposits, сommissions, crediting payments to escrow accounts, tax deductions

Best prove of the expertise are these websites:

Hotel Management Industry

  • Integrating a hotel management system with 3rd parties
  • Interfaces development with hotel infrastructure parts (PBX, door-locking systems, kiosks, OTA, GDS..)
  • Connecting public API to 3rd parties
  • Developing private API aimed to system components interoperability
Areas of our strongest expertise
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